Who can attend Paideia Academy?

Our school is open to students in grades K-8. There are no attendance boundaries, and students come to Paideia from a number of communities including Apple Valley, Lakeville, Eagan, Burnsville, Rosemount and Farmington. Students from ISD 191, 192, 194, and 196 can open enroll at Paideia.
Paideia Academy seeks to enroll a diverse and representative student body, welcoming applicants regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender, special needs or English as a second language status. Applications are accepted and students enrolled as long as there are spaces available. If applications exceed the number of spaces available, there is a lottery procedure as established by state law. Please visit our enrollment page for further information.
Why is there no tuition?
Paideia Academy is a public school; therefore, there is no tuition.  We are funded on a per-pupil basis by the state just as any public elementary or middle school.
Paideia is on a year-round schedule – what does that look like?
Paideia’s school calendar is made up of four academic quarters, with two to three week breaks between. There is a seven week break between academic years.  Click below to see our school calendar:
Do students wear uniforms?
Yes.  In order to decrease the external factors related to clothing and maintain an environment devoted to learning, Paideia students wear uniforms. Paideia families are supplied with uniform requirements upon enrollment.
How about class size?
Kindergarten classes currently have 22 students. Grade 1-8 classes currently have 24 students.  
The student teacher ratio is currently 11:1.
How are parents/guardians involved?
Parent/guardian involvement has been determined to be a key factor in school success and it is integral to the success of Paideia Academy.  Parents and guardians serve on various school committees, assist in the office and classrooms, help with special projects, serve as lunchroom and playground volunteers and participate at every level in the functioning of the school.  We request each family to volunteer at least 50 hours during each school year.
Is there an extended day program?
Yes. The YMCA SAC (School Age Childcare) operates in our facility to offer before- and after-school care as well as full day programs during school breaks.
What types of afterschool activities are offered?
We currently offer after-school clubs in the areas of art, chess, crafts, theater, Lego League, various sports, and math.  Other clubs are often added based on student interest. 
What are the school hours?
The school day begins at 8:15 a.m.
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday dismissal is at 3:25 pm.
Wednesdays is early dismissal at 2:25 pm.
Morning Kindergarten dismissal is at 11:30 am.
Is there an all day kindergarten option?
Yes, Paideia offers a Kindergarten Enrichment program.  This is a fee-based all day kindergarten option that build on curriculum taught during the morning, offerring additional opportunities for enrichment.
Why early dismissal on Wednesdays?
Every Wednesday school dismisses one hour early to give our teachers the opportunity for collaboration time. During collaboration time, teachers utilize the state standards to create quarterly assessments that hold everyone accountable for learning at Paideia Academy. Assessment results are analyzed and a plan for reteaching curriculum is created, if required. Teachers also participate in professional development activities, collaborate with specialist teachers, and find new strategies to teach content even more effectively.